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Law & Liberty focuses on the content, status, and development of law in the context of republican and limited government and the ways in which liberty and law mutually reinforce each other.

Law & Liberty brings together serious debate, commentary, essays, blog posts, podcast episodes, book reviews, interviews, and educational material in a commitment to the first principles of law in a free society. The site considers a range of foundational and contemporary legal issues, legal philosophy, and pedagogy.


The blog features timely commentary by John McGinnis, Mike Rappaport, and James Rogers and a host of other contributors on constitutional, legal, and policy issues.


The forum is a platform for the discussion of the legal and philosophical principles that inform and govern a free government and a free people. Recognizing that there is no shortage of online venues for evaluating legal questions, the forum's distinction rests in its examination of the basic principles of a constitutional republican order and its focus on the elements of freedom that must exist in a society dedicated to liberty and responsibility. The forum aims to uncover the genesis of central legal ideas that produced our unique heritage of Western liberty but are now misunderstood due to ideological confusion.

Every month, the forum presents an essay on a major topic by a leading thinker. This first essay’s ideas will then be considered and tested by two other participants in each exchange. The ideas discussed and debated in this space are not the sole preserve of experts, however. The hope is that each topic, and the ideas animating and surrounding it, will emerge into full view for the reader, permitting a new and refined understanding of the ideas discussed. These ideas are open to all: They are the personal and collective wisdom of any society devoted to the noblest ideas of the Western legal and political philosophical tradition.


The podcast features interviews with leading academics and writers on new books, articles, and contemporary subjects.

Book Reviews

This section contains reviews of significant new books in law, history, policy, and politics.

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Recent Posts

Here are the 10 latest posts from Law & Liberty.

Law & Liberty June 22, 2018

The Rise of Formalism and the Decline of Chevron

Courts were too ready to find statutes ambiguous, which empowered federal agencies to read the law any way they wanted. That may be starting to change.

Law & Liberty June 22, 2018

Bathtubs Over Broadway: When Trade Shows Sold the American Dream

Song and dance from the era of the industrial musical.

Law & Liberty June 21, 2018

Using Defamation Law to Restrain False Statements

The tide may be turning on the calumnies of the social justice warriors.

Law & Liberty June 21, 2018

Rational Voter, Meet Median Voter

“Tribalism” motivates a lot of partisan behavior, but there are many other factors—including policy preferences—involved.

Law & Liberty June 21, 2018

From Canuckistan with Love

Power, not justice, may well decide the fate of liberty in the new Canada.

Law & Liberty June 21, 2018

The Basic Decency of Republican Self-Government

George Carey's In Defense of the Constitution offers a rich defense of republican self-government.

Law & Liberty June 20, 2018

The Polylingual Constitution

Any theory that develops under parochial circumstances (legal scholars only) will be ripe for debunking.

Law & Liberty June 20, 2018

Miracle Men: How Market Liberals Saved Germany from Economic Catastrophe

They triumphed over the interventionist and collectivist economic policies that had been endemic in Germany since before the First World War.

Law & Liberty June 19, 2018

Kim’s Grand Strategy

From the pages of rocket man’s diary.

Law & Liberty June 19, 2018

On The Universe We Think In

We often try to think our way out of the predicament of life, and Fr. James V. Schall offers us wisdom about our place in the universe.

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