The Origin and Principles of the American Revolution, Compared with the Origin and Principles of the French Revolution

By Friedrich Gentz
Edited and with an Introduction by Peter Koslowski
Translated by John Quincy Adams

American Founding American History Political Thought

The Origin and Principles of the American Revolution is perhaps one of the most important books written on the American Revolution by a European author. It is an original study of the subject by a conservative, objective German observer who acknowledges the legitimacy of the American Revolution, but also asserts at the same time that it was not a revolution but a legitimate transition.

The Liberty Fund edition is supplemented by a new introduction and annotations that provide the reader with historical and contextual background to better create a more robust picture of Gentz’s thought.

Peter Koslowski was Professor of Philosophy at VU University Amsterdam.

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June 2010 | 4-3/4 x 7-1/2 | 152 pages

Translator's preface, editor's introduction, author's text and footnotes, extensive endnotes, index.

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