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Adam Smith and the Public Debt

Maryann Keating for AdamSmithWorksAugust 31, 2022Remember that Smith was open to government financing deficit spending in emergencies. His concern was rather with continually increasing the public debt and its long-term burden. 

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On Adam Smith and Envy

Richard Gunderman for AdamSmithWorksAugust 10, 2002"The same envy without which economies cannot fully activate also leads to the corruption and misery of individuals." Gunderman points to Smith (in addition to the Buddha, Socrates, and Jesus) as a guide to balance. 

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Social Cohesion and Economic Prosperity

Aviral Chawla for AdamSmithWorksAugust 3, 2022Fractured societies will be less able to benefit from the prosperity that's possible with a more cohesive social existence. Smith saw this and offers his conception of "sympathy" and recommendations on education of the lowers classes as  way to bridge the gaps between people. 

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David Hume on the Common Law and English Liberty

Jacob Hall for AdamSmithWorksIn this essay, Hall shows that Adam Smith and David Hume's ideas concerning the Common Law and English Liberty are more closely related that some scholars believe. The style of Hume’s History and Smith’s LJ differ, or course. Smith lectured to students whereas Hume wrote for mass consumption. But their estimation of the importance of the common law for the development of English liberty is equal. 

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Adam Smith’s Synergistic Moral Authorizations

Erik W. Matson for AdamSmithWorksIn this essay, Matson explains the Adam Smith's moral authorizations  of enterprise and the pursuit of honest income.One of the patron saints of the Great Enrichment, Smith teaches how we do our part in serving the good of the whole; how in focusing diligently on the good of our part we serve that of the whole; and how freedom fortifies the remarkable correspondence between those two goods.June 22, 2022

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