People A. V. Dicey

introduction to the study of the law of the constitution

Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution By A. V. Dicey
Foreword by Roger E. Michener


The Law of the Constitution elucidates the guiding principles of the modern constitution of England: the legislative sovereignty of Parliament, the rule of law, and the binding force of unwritten conventions.

lectures on the relation between law and public opinion in england during the nineteenth century

Lectures on the Relation between Law and Public Opinion in England during the Nineteenth Century By A. V. Dicey
Edited and with an Introduction by Richard VandeWetering


This volume brings together a series of lectures A. V. Dicey first gave at Harvard Law School on the influence of public opinion in England during the nineteenth century and its impact on legislation. Dicey’s lectures were accurate as a reflection of the anxieties felt by turn-of-the-century Benthamite Liberals in the face of Socialist and New Liberal challenges.

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