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commentary on filangieris work

Commentary on Filangieri’s Work By Benjamin Constant
Edited and Translated by Alan S. Kahan

Political Thought

Commentary on Filangieri’s Work addresses the principal political and social questions that Benjamin Constant, one of the most important liberal thinkers of the nineteenth century, ever discussed. This translation will help give the work its deserved importance in political theory.

de la religin considerada en sus fuentes formas y desarrollo

De la religión considerada en sus fuentes, formas y desarrollo Por Benjamin Constant


Presentación de Tzvetan Todorov, Étienne Hofmann
Traducción de Agustín Neira

on religion

On Religion: Considered in Its Source, Its Forms, and Its Developments By Benjamin Constant
Translated by Peter Paul Seaton Jr.
Introduction by Pierre Manent

Political Thought

This is the first full-length English translation of Benjamin Constant’s massive study of humanity’s religious forms and development, published in five volumes between 1824 and 1831. Constant (1767–1830) regarded On Religion, worked on over the course of many years, as perhaps his most important philosophical work. He called it “the only interest, the only consolation of my life,” and “the book that I was destined by nature to write.”

principles of politics applicable to all governments

Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments By Benjamin Constant
Translated by Dennis O'Keeffe
Edited by Etienne Hofmann
Introduction by Nicholas Capaldi

Political Thought

In Principles of Politics, first published in 1815, Constant explores the subjects of law, sovereignty, and representation; power and accountability; government, property, and taxation; wealth and poverty; war, peace, and the maintenance of public order; and freedom, of the individual, of the press, and of religion.

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