Liberty, understood through free markets, limited government, and the rule of law, is exemplified in the writings of Adam Smith.

Adam Smith’s Enlightened World is a project of Liberty Fund made possible by the support of a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

Begin an exploration of the Smithian tradition of “natural liberty” in an interactive experience of one of his most famous examples; the pin factory, and browse an assortment of online content centered around Adam Smith.

Life & Times | Explore the ideas of Adam Smith organized by theme. Multimedia resources (video, audio, animations, and essays) highlight the context and importance of Smith in his own time and how his insightful contributions apply to our world today.

Text Repository | Discover new insights from Adam Smith’s groundbreaking works, The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations. Online versions of Smith’s texts, along with the writings of related thinkers are available in a digital and mobile-responsive format.

Educational Resources | Learn practical, real-world applications of Adam Smith’s ideas using resources aimed to assist in understanding and teaching Smithian concepts such as the division of labor, moral sentiments, benefits of trade, and the invisible hand.

Scholars’ Portal | Research of Adam Smith’s work in economics, philosophy, political economy, psychology, scientific inquiry and other areas is ongoing. Academics interested in learning how to be involved with this project as a Smithian Scholar should click here to learn how to apply.

ASW.horiz AdamSmithWorks features content centered around the works and ideas of the moral philosopher and founder of economics, Adam Smith. Resources include digital versions of his major works, scholarly essays, videos, and an interactive pin factory.

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AdamSmithWorks April 24, 2019

Adam Smith Goes to the Movies: The Avengers

by Sarah E. Skwire and Aeon J. Skoble for AdamSmithWorks

If Adam Smith were alive today, he’d be just as excited as the rest of us about the release of Avengers: Endgame

AdamSmithWorks April 15, 2019

Full Feature

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AdamSmithWorks April 15, 2019


figcaption class"attachmentcaption"/figcaptionFrom The Theory of Moral Sentiments to modern neuroscience and experimental economics, explore how our sociality makes us naturally inclined to be concerned for the well-being of others.

AdamSmithWorks April 6, 2019

Sneak Peek: The Role of Authority

What sort of government is necessary to maintain Smith's "system of natural liberty?"

AdamSmithWorks April 3, 2019

Sneak Peek 3!

What did "self-interest" really mean to Adam Smith? (And the butcher, the brewer, and the baker???)

AdamSmithWorks April 2, 2019

Sneak Peek 2!

Does everyone benefit equally from the division of labor?

AdamSmithWorks March 26, 2019

Great Thinkers; Adam Smith

Find a biographical essay, bibliography, and more.

AdamSmithWorks March 26, 2019

Adam Smith on money, mercantilism, and the system of natural liberty

in Money and Political Economy in the Enlightenment. Oxford, United Kingdom: Voltaire Foundation.

AdamSmithWorks March 26, 2019

How Adam Smith's economic philosophies apply in today's world

Think back -- way back -- to the days of Econ 101. The basic tenets of capitalism as we know them today were spelled out pretty clearly: supply and demand, division of labor, pursuit of self-interest. And if you strain a little more, you might just remember the man behind the theories: Adam Smith.

Written in 1776, "The Wealth of Nations" continues to be one of the most important economics books of all time. But do the lessons Smith spelled out in his text all those years ago still apply today?

AdamSmithWorks March 26, 2019

The Real Adam Smith

"If you’ve heard of one economist, it’s likely to be Adam Smith. He’s the best-known of all economists, and is typically hailed as the founding father of the dismal science itself.

Furthermore, he’s usually portrayed as not only an early champion of economic theory, but of the superiority of markets over government planning. In other words, Smith is now known both as the founder of economics, and as an ideologue for the political Right.

Yet, despite being widely believed, both these claims are at best misleading, and at worst outright false."

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