Intellectual Portrait Series (DVDs)

  • A Conversation with Ralph McInerny (DVD)

    by Ralph McInerny

    Ralph McInerny is among the most noted Catholic philosophers and authors of our day. He has taught at the University of Notre Dame since 1955, and since 1978 has been the Michael P. Grace Professor of Medieval Studies. He also serves as Director of the Jacques Maritain Center at Notre Dame. McInerny has written a number of important works on…

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  • A Conversation with Richard Cornuelle (DVD)

    by Richard Cornuelle

    Richard Cornuelle has greatly impacted how we think about voluntary institutions in the United States. Through such works as Reclaiming the American Dream and De-Managing America, and through his work with the Foundation for Economic Education and the Volker Fund, he has called important attention to the needs and possibilities of those organizations that exist to address social problems through…

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  • A Conversation with Richard Ware (DVD)

    by Richard Ware

    A self-described “broker of ideas,” Richard Ware has been deeply influential in his role as a discoverer and supporter of intellectuals interested in the foundations of a free society. During World War II, Ware served with the lend/lease administration in the Pentagon. Following the war, he began work with the Earhart Foundation, becoming President and Trustee of the Foundation in…

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  • A Conversation with Ronald H. Coase (DVD)

    by Ronald H. Coase

    Ronald H. Coase received the 1991 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. His articles “The Problem of Social Cost” and “The Nature of the Firm” are among the most important and most often cited works in the whole of economic literature. He has taught at the University of Chicago since 1964 and was editor of the very influential Journal of Law

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  • A Conversation with Sir Alan Walters (DVD)

    by Sir Alan Walters

    As economic advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Sir Alan Walters was an important figure in the transformation of economic policy, and resulting unprecedented boom, that took place in the United Kingdom during the 1980s. Walters also served as an economic advisor to Prime Minister Edward Heath and has served as an advisor to the World Bank. He has…

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  • A Conversation with Steve Pejovich (DVD)

    by Steve Pejovich

    One of the most dynamic and insightful theorists writing on property rights, Svetozar “Steve” Pejovich reflects here on his experience in economics. With characteristic sagacity and humor, he demonstrates the power that empirical cases can bring to bear on theoretical problems. Born in Belgrade, Pejovich is Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University, where he taught for over twenty years, and…

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  • Profiles in Liberty: Raoul Berger (DVD)

    by Raoul Berger

    Raoul Berger was the foremost scholar of constitutional law to defend the doctrine of originalism in our day. His works Impeachment, Executive Privilege, and Government by Judiciary set the standards for subsequent work in the field of constitutional interpretation and influenced both expert and public opinion during some of the worst constitutional crises of the late twentieth century. In this…

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  • Profiles in Liberty: The Life and Thought of Friedrich A. Hayek (DVD)

    by F. A. Hayek

    The twentieth century witnessed the unparalleled expansion of government power over the lives and livelihoods of individuals. Much of this was the result of two devastating world wars and totalitarian ideologies that directly challenged individual liberty and the free institutions of the open society. Other forms of expansion in the provision of social welfare and the regulation of the economy,…

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