Co-Sponsor Conferences

Co-sponsored programs are designed to expand and increase the scope of Liberty Fund’s conference activities. Liberty Fund and its co-sponsoring institutions conduct educational programs that advance the exploration of liberty and the ideal of a free and responsible society.

Liberty Fund’s professional staff develops and approves the intellectual content of all co-sponsored conferences, while its co-sponsors take responsibility for the administration and overall execution of the programs (including, in most cases, participant selection).

Co-sponsored conferences may vary significantly from Liberty Fund’s traditional conference format, including, in some cases, lectures. Participants at co-sponsored programs are typically undergraduate students, graduate students, high school teachers, non-academic professionals, or academics. Conferences in Latin America may be conducted in Spanish or Portuguese.

Sponsors of previous conferences include:

Acton Institute
Ashbrook Center
Austrian Economics Center
Bill of Rights Institute
Fundación Libertad
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Institute for Humane Studies
McConnell Center
Mercatus Center
Property & Environment Research Center
The Federalist Society
The Fund for American Studies
Universidad Francisco Marroquín

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