logical foundations of constitutional liberty the

The Logical Foundations of Constitutional Liberty By James M. Buchanan
Foreword by Geoffrey Brennan,
Hartmut Kliemt, and
Robert D. Tollison


The thirty-one papers presented in this volume offer scholars and general readers alike a comprehensive introduction to the work of one of the greatest economists of the modern era. Many of Buchanan’s most important essays are gathered in this inaugural volume of the twenty-volume series from Liberty Fund of his Collected Works.

los lmites de la libertad

Los límites de la libertad Por James M. Buchanan


Los límites de la libertad es una obra fundamental en el recorrido teórico de Buchanan. En ella, el pensamiento del autor se aparta de los diagnósticos positivos, que caracterizaron su trabajo previo, para centrarse en cuestiones de índole normativa cuyo eje es una indagación acerca de cómo deben ordenarse los asuntos políticos a fin de garantizar mejores resultados sociales. “Como han hecho tantos antes que yo -escribe el autor-, examino las bases para una sociedad de hombres y mujeres que quieren ser libres pero que reconocen los límites inherentes que la interdependencia social impone sobre ellos. La libertad individual no puede carecer de fronteras, pero las mismas fuerzas que hacen necesarios algunos límites pueden, si se les permite, restringir la amplitud de la libertad humana mucho más allá de lo sostenible”.

ludwig von mises the man and his economics

Ludwig von Mises: The Man and His Economics By Israel M. Kirzner
Edited and with an Introduction by Peter J. Boettke and
Frédéric Sautet


Ludwig von Mises: The Man and His Economics is a collection of Israel M. Kirzner’s work regarding his mentor, including a monograph on Mises and his work as well as several articles detailing how he impacted the world of economics.

making of tocquevilles democracy in americathe

The Making of Tocqueville's “Democracy in America” By James T. Schleifer
Foreword by George W. Pierson

History Political Thought

The Liberty Fund second edition of James T. Schleifer’s celebrated study of Tocqueville includes a new preface by the author and an epilogue, “The Problem of the Two Democracies.” For the first time, the evolution of a number of Tocqueville’s central themes—democracy, individualism, centralization, despotism—emerges into clear relief.

man and the statesman the

The Man and the Statesman: The Correspondence and Articles on Politics By Frédéric Bastiat
Introduction by Jacques de Guenin and
Jean-Claude Paul-Dejean
Dennis O'Keeffe, Translation Editor
David M. Hart, Academic Editor

Economics Political Thought

The Man and the Statesman, the first volume in Liberty Fund’s six-volume series, may be considered the most complete edition of Bastiat’s works published to date, in any country, and in any language. The main source for this translation is the seven-volume Œuvres complètes de Frédéric Bastiat, published in the 1850s and 1860s.

man versus the state the

The Man Versus the State: With Six Essays on Government, Society, and Freedom By Herbert Spencer
Introduction by Albert Jay Nock
Foreword by Eric Mack

Political Thought

Spencer develops various specific disastrous ramifications of the wholesale substitution of the principle of compulsory cooperation—the statist principle—for the individualist principle of voluntary cooperation. His theme is that “there is in society . . . that beautiful self-adjusting principle which will keep all its elements in equilibrium. . . . The attempt to regulate all the actions of a community by legislation will entail little else but misery and compulsion.”

market theory and the price system

Market Theory and the Price System By Israel M. Kirzner
Edited and with an Introduction by Peter J. Boettke and
Frédéric Sautet


The second volume in Liberty Fund’s Collected Works of Israel M. Kirzner series, Market Theory and the Price System was published in 1963 as Kirzner’s first (and only) textbook. This volume presents an integrated view of Austrian price theory. The basic aim of Market Theory is to utilize the tools of economic reasoning to explain the market process. The unique framework Kirzner develops for microeconomic analysis, following Mises and Hayek, examines errors in decision-making, entrepreneurial profit, and competition as a process of discovery and learning.

mavericks defense of freedom a

A Maverick’s Defense of Freedom: Selected Writings and Speeches of Benjamin A. Rogge By Benjamin A. Rogge
Edited and with an Introduction by Dwight R. Lee


This new collection of fifty-three essays, many of which have never before been published, gathers some of Benjamin Rogge’s most interesting talks and writings spanning a vast array of topics including the case for individual liberty and responsibility in maintaining the free-market economy, the nature of economics, the business system, labor markets, money and inflation, and education.

meditations of the emperor marcus aurelius antoninus the

The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Translated by Francis Hutcheson
and James Moor
Edited and with an Introduction by James Moore and
Michael Silverthorne

Natural Law and E...

This 1742 translation is a collaborative work by Francis Hutcheson and a colleague at Glasgow University, the classicist James Moor. Although Hutcheson was secretive about the extent of his work on the book, he was clearly the leading spirit of the project.

methodical system of universal law a

A Methodical System of Universal Law: Or, the Laws of Nature and Nations; With Supplements and a Discourse by George Turnbull By Johann Gottlieb Heineccius
Edited and with an Introduction by Thomas Ahnert and
Peter Schröder

Natural Law and E...

George Turnbull’s eighteenth-century translation of A Methodical System of Universal Law was his major effort to convey continental natural law to Britain, thus making Heineccius’s natural jurisprudence more accessible to English-speaking audiences. Turnbull includes extensive comments on Heineccius’s text and also presents his own philosophical work, A Discourse upon the Nature and Origin of Moral and Civil Laws.

miscellaneous writings

Miscellaneous Writings By Edmund Burke
Compiled and with a Foreword and Notes by Francis Canavan

History Political Thought

This famed Payne edition of Select Works of Edmund Burke is universally revered by students of English history and political thought. Volume 1, Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents and The Two Speeches on America, contains Burke’s brilliant defense of the American colonists’ complaints of British policy, including “Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents” (1770), “Speech on American Taxation” (1774), and “Speech on Conciliation” (1775). Volume 2 consists of Burke’s renowned Reflections on the Revolution in France. Volume 3 presents Burke’s Four Letters on the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide Directory of France—generally styled Letters on a Regicide Peace (1795–1796).

miscellaneous writings
By Edmund Burke
Compiled and with a Foreword and Notes by Francis Canavan
modern age the first twentyfive years

Modern Age: The First Twenty-Five Years: A Selection Edited by George A. Panichas

Political Thought

These seventy-eight essays characterize the richness and diversity of conservative scholarship. Modern Age was founded in 1957 by Russell Kirk, with Henry Regnery and David S. Collier. The magazine is now published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

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