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collected works of henry g manne the

The Collected Works of Henry G. Manne By Henry G. Manne
Fred S. McChesney, General Editor
Stephen Bainbridge,
Henry Butler, and
Jonathan Macey, Volume Editors

Economics Law

As the founder of the Center for Law and Economics at George Mason University and dean emeritus of the George Mason School of Law, Henry G. Manne is one of the founding scholars of law and economics as a discipline. This three-volume collection includes articles, reviews, and books from more than four decades, featuring Wall Street in Transition, which redefined the commonly held view of the corporate firm.

concise history of the common law a

A Concise History of the Common Law By Theodore F. T. Plucknett

History Law

As always during its long history, English common law, upon which American law is based, has had to defend itself against the challenge of civil law’s clarity and traditions. That challenge to our common-law heritage remains today. To that end, Liberty Fund now makes available a clear and candid discussion of common law. A Concise History of the Common Law provides a source for common-law understanding of individual rights, not in theory only, but protected through the confusing and messy evolution of courts and their administration as they struggled to resolve real problems. Plucknett’s seminal work is intended to convey a sense of historical development—not to serve merely as a work of reference.

constitutionalism ancient and modern

Constitutionalism: Ancient and Modern By Charles Howard McIlwain


Constitutionalism: Ancient and Modern explores the very roots of liberty by examining the development of modern constitutionalism from its ancient and medieval origins. Derived from a series of lectures delivered by Charles Howard McIlwain at Cornell University in the 1938–39 academic year, these lectures provide a useful introduction to the development of modern constitutional forms.

constitutionalism and the separation of powers

Constitutionalism and the Separation of Powers By M. J. C. Vile

History Law

In Constitutionalism and the Separation of Powers, M. J. C. Vile traces the history of the doctrine from its rise during the English Civil War, through its development in the eighteenth century—through subsequent political thought and constitution-making in Britain, France, and the United States.

freedom and the law

Freedom and the Law By Bruno Leoni
Foreword by Arthur Kemp


According to Bruno Leoni, the greatest obstacle to rule of law in our time is the problem of overlegislation. In modern democratic societies, legislative bodies increasingly usurp functions that were, and should be, exercised by individuals or groups rather than government.

government by judiciary

Government by Judiciary: The Transformation of the Fourteenth Amendment By Raoul Berger
Foreword by Forrest McDonald


It is Berger’s theory that the United States Supreme Court has embarked on “a continuing revision of the Constitution, under the guise of interpretation,” thereby subverting America’s democratic institutions and wreaking havoc upon Americans’ social and political lives.

higher law background of american constitutional law the

The “Higher Law” Background of American Constitutional Law By Edward S. Corwin


Having written extensively on various aspects of the American constitutional order, Edward S. Corwin is considered a leading constitutional scholar of the twentieth century. Alpheus Mason described Corwin’s writings as “sources of learning and understanding—hallmarks to emulate and revere.”

historical sketch of liberty and equality a

A Historical Sketch of Liberty and Equality By Frederic William Maitland

History Law

A Historical Sketch of Liberty and Equality is a window to one of the most important historians of all time.

history of english law before the time of edward i the

The History of English Law before the Time of Edward I By Sir Frederick Pollock and
Frederic William Maitland

History Law

First published in 1895, Sir Frederick Pollock and Frederic William Maitland’s legal classic The History of English Law before the Time of Edward I expanded the work of Sir Edward Coke and William Blackstone by exploring the origins of key aspects of English common law and society and with them the development of individual rights as these were gradually carved out from the authority of the Crown and the Church. Although it has been more than a century since its initial publication, Pollock and Maitland’s work is still considered an accessible and useful foundational reference for scholars of medieval English law.

ideal element in law the

The Ideal Element in Law By Roscoe Pound
Foreword by Stephen Presser


Roscoe Pound, former dean of Harvard Law School, delivered a series of lectures at the University of Calcutta in 1948. In these lectures, he criticized virtually every modern mode of interpreting the law because he believed the administration of justice had lost its grounding and recourse to enduring ideals.

introduction to the study of the law of the constitution

Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution By A. V. Dicey
Foreword by Roger E. Michener


The Law of the Constitution elucidates the guiding principles of the modern constitution of England: the legislative sovereignty of Parliament, the rule of law, and the binding force of unwritten conventions.

law liberty and parliament

Law, Liberty, and Parliament: Selected Essays on the Writings of Sir Edward Coke Edited and with an Introduction by Allen D. Boyer


Sir Edward Coke remains one of the most important figures in the history of the common law. The essays collected in this volume provide a broad context for understanding and appreciating the scope of Coke’s achievement: his theory of law, his work as a lawyer and a judge, his role in pioneering judicial review, his leadership of the Commons, and his place in the broader culture of Elizabethan and Jacobean England.

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