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adam smith and the wealth of nations

Adam Smith and the Wealth of Nations (DVD)


In 1776, Adam Smith, the great Scottish economist and moral philosopher, published his classic work, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. This DVD is an introduction to modern economics and the importance of free markets. The DVD is narrated by Dr. Benjamin A. Rogge of Wabash College and was prepared with the advice of Professors Ronald H. Coase of the University of Chicago and E. G. West of Carleton University.

design for liberty a

Design for Liberty (DVD): The American Constitution


This DVD, using pictures and quotations from the Founding period of the United States, discusses the idea of liberty as it was understood by the revolutionary generation and how the concern for the preservation of liberty culminated in the writing of the Constitution in 1787. The DVD brings the story to life and introduces the viewer to the sights of eighteenth-century America.

hong kong

Hong Kong (DVD): A Story of Human Freedom and Progress


This DVD shows how the economic transformation of Hong Kong from a modest trading center to a modern industrial and free-trade economy (prior to China’s annexation) came about through a reliance on the market and economic liberty rather than on central planning through government direction.

industrial revolution the

The Industrial Revolution (DVD): A Program in Three Parts


Contrary to a prevalent belief, the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century dramatically improved the standard of living of the people. The three parts of this DVD attempt to show how this remarkable transformation came about.

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