The Education Bundle

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Freedom is rooted in liberal education.

Our education bundle taps into the relationship between learning and liberty.

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Liberty Fund’s education bundle offers insight into the history of systematic education and its relevance to liberty. Michael Oakeshott distinguishes learning as a means from education as a method. George Turnbull shows us how a liberal education fosters true “inward liberty” and, in his collection of correspondence and academic writings, exemplifies the power of education to direct the lifelong learner toward true flourishing. E.G. West traces how the Industrial Revolution gave way to expansive educational opportunities across the West. Jacques Barzun examines teaching as an art on the level of secondary and post-secondary education.

Books included in the bundle:
Observations upon Liberal Education By George Turnbull
Edited and with an Introduction by Terrence O. Moore, Jr.
Education for Life By George Turnbull
Edited and with an Introduction by M. A. Stewart and Paul Wood
Texts translated from the Latin by Michael Silverthorne
The Voice of Liberal Learning By Michael Oakeshott
Foreword and Introduction by Timothy Fuller
Teacher in America By Jacques Barzun
With a New Introduction by the Author
Education and the Industrial Revolution By E. G. West
Revised and Expanded Edition