The Divine Feudal Law: Or, Covenants with Mankind, Represented

By Samuel Pufendorf
Translated by Theophilus Dorrington (1703)
Edited and with an Introduction by Simone Zurbuchen

Natural Law and E...

The Divine Feudal Law sets forth Pufendorf’s basis for the reunion of the Lutheran and Calvinist confessions. This attempt to seek a “conciliation” between the confessions complements the concept of toleration discussed in Of the Nature and Qualification of Religion in Reference to Civil Society.

Samuel Pufendorf (1632–1694) taught natural law and was court historian in both Germany and Sweden.

Simone Zurbuchen is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

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Trim size: 6 x 9

Pages: 265

Collection: Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics

Publication date: October 2002