Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind

By Francis Hutcheson
Edited by James Moore and Michael Silverthorne, with an Introduction by James Moore
Translated by Michael Silverthorne

Natural Law and E...

Until the publication of this Liberty Fund edition, all but one of the works contained in Logic, Metaphysics, and the Natural Sociability of Mankind were available only in Latin. This milestone English translation will provide a general audience with insight into Hutcheson’s thought.

Francis Hutcheson (1694–1746) was educated at the University of Glasgow, where he assumed the chair of moral philosophy in 1729.

James Moore is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at Concordia University in Montreal.

Michael Silverthorne is Honorary University Fellow in the School of Classics at the University of Exeter.

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Trim size: 6 x 9

Pages: 265

Collection: Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics

Publication date: March 2006