George Washington
A Collection

By George Washington
Compiled and Edited by W. B. Allen


George Washington speaks for himself on behalf of liberty and the emerging American republic in this handsome book, the only one-volume compilation in print of his vast writings.

While Washington is recognized as a military leader and the great symbolic figure of the early republic, many fail to appreciate the full measure of his contributions to the country. In these selections, his political ideas and judgments stand out with remarkable clarity. His writings are replete with sustained, thoughtful commentary and keen political insight.

This volume includes correspondence, all of his presidential addresses, various public proclamations, his last will and testament, and the most comprehensive recompilation of the “discarded first inaugural” ever printed.

W. B. Allen is Professor of Political Philosophy and Director of the Program in Public Policy and Administration at Michigan State University.


Aug 1988 | 6 x 9 | 743 Pages

Editor's note, acknowledgments, chronology, list of illustrations, index of recipients, subject index.


978-0-86597-060-1 Paperback