An Historical View of the English Government

By John Millar
Edited by Mark Salber Phillips and Dale R. Smith, with an Introduction by Mark Salber Phillips

Natural Law and E...

An Historical View of the English Government traces the development of the “great outlines of the English constitution”—the history of institutions of English liberty from Saxon antiquity to the revolution settlement of 1689. Millar demonstrates serious concern for the maintenance of liberties achieved through revolution and maintains that the manners of a commercial nation, while particularly suited to personal and political liberty, are not such as to secure liberty forever.

John Millar (1735–1801) attended Adam Smith’s lectures at the University of Glasgow and later became a distinguished professor of law there.

Mark Salber Phillips is Professor of History at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Dale R. Smith completed his doctorate in history at the University of British Columbia.

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Trim size: 6 x 9

Pages: 917

Collection: Natural Law and Enlightenment Classics

Publication date: October 2006